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  • 5 days/4 night in Hotel BB

  • 3 electives to choose

Starting from 169€ pax 

The dynamic tour is designed for a journey to Rome not only dedicated to the discovery of the city but also to the young people’s amusement. Below, we propose a series of activities around Rome. The tour is fully customizable in both the number of days and activities.

Contact us for a custom request.


The adventure park is a dynamic and playful park consisting of aerial platforms connected by horizontal passages like bridges, Tibetan bridges, cableways with pulleys and other games that develop at different altitudes.

The PARCO DEL COLONNELLO is a wooded park of oaks and chestnut trees located in Carsoli. It offers various possibilities of routes depending on the difficulty.

The BLUE route has a medium / high difficulty, suitable for children aged 14 and above, and includes LADDER, BRIDGE OF ROTATING TRUNKS, ROPE BRACKETS, DISK CATWALK, CABLECAR, TWO-WIRE BRIDGE, FIXED BEAM, LADDER.

The red route has a difficult difficulty, suitable for children from 16 years old and provides CLIMBING WALL, SUSPENDED NET, BRIDGE OF OSCILLATING TRUNKS, TIGHTROPE, CATWALK, TWO-WIRE BRIDGE, VERTICAL POLES, ROPES, LADDER.



Sport, entertainment and team spirit: an unforgettable experience for students in the beautiful setting of the Simbruini Mountains, just 1 hour from Rome.

Rafting is a river descent by means of a special unsinkable rubber dinghy named a raft. The crew is made up by a minimum of four to a maximum of 12 participants.
The crew takes an active part to the descent using a paddle guided by a crew member sitting on the stern of the raft. He steers and guides the raft all the way through rapids and streams.

The winding of the Aniene river, together with the luxuriant vegetation, the clear water and finally the charming Simbruini Mountains Park will certainly work magic all along the descent.


Orienteering is also named “Sport in the woods”. It is a challenging activity which allows one to explore hidden and unspoiled forests as well as small villages with the support of maps and compass.
Therefore the technique of orienteering is applied with the target of exploring nature using your own steps and emotions.

The Orienteering course will teach the group how to reach unknown spots, in complete safety and spirit of adventure, each time discovering a different route.
Helped by a topographical map and a compass, the group will be able to carry out the Orienteering route passing some checkpoints shown on the map each of them showing where the so called “lanterns” are. 


Natural orienteering, building a shelter, lighting a fire by means of primitive tools, identifying edible plants, following wild animal tracks and creating primitive tools. Your students are going to learn much more during the Survival Course.

They will get familiar with survival techniques and bushcraft in different environments with the support of a national CSEN-CONI Survival Instructors. A unique experience to establish a close contact with nature and wildlife. They will get absorbed by the striking scenery of the Aniene Valley in complete safety living a unique as well as an adventurous experience!


The Zoo Marine is a wonderful theme park on the marine environment just outside Rome. Inside the Park, which has an area of ​​about 40 hectares, there are zoological areas - The Island of the Dolphins, The Bay of Pinnipeds, The Forest of the Parrots and The Walk of the Lakes - where you can admire educational demonstrations of dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical and aquatic birds. Within Zoo Marine there are as many as 155 animals of 36 different species. The park also has several attractions for adults and children: Russian montage, 3D cinema, slides and water games, the falcon flying on a pulley. There are also performances with dolphins, seals, penguins and divers.


Rainbow MagicLand is an Italian amusement park located near Rome, with 38 attractions as well as several shows that are held in theaters and on the streets of the park.

Around the large central lake beyond the attractions there are shops, restaurants and show areas. The whole complex is developed on a particular feature, thematization, which deals with the most different themes: from the Mayan ruins to the Steampunk passing through prehistoric dolmen, castles and architectures (real and fantastic) from every age.

The main theme of the park is magic.

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